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If you are facing a particularly difficult situation in your life, you may require legal advice from a law firm who not only understand the issues you face, but also provide a high quality professional service.

Hatten Wyatt Legally Pink provide niche services that specifically focus on the issues faced by the LGBT community. As a highly experienced local law firm, we have a wealth of knowledge that assists us in helping advise you how to tackle issues that you may face as part of this community, both in your personal or business life.

PROFESSIONAL, APPROACHABLE AND EFFICIENT Legal advice for the lgbt community

We take a no-nonsense approach to the law in that we do not use unnecessary or complicated legal jargon, but provide concise legal advice that can be understood by everyone. Every stage is taken at your own pace. Our team has a huge portfolio of experience, passion and knowledge due to the variety of backgrounds we all come from.

We consider ourselves a truly friendly and approachable firm of solicitors who will work with you to ensure your matter is dealt with in the most sincere and efficient manner.

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"It was such a relief talking to Hatten Wyatt about my case & I felt that I could be totally open with them and they would understand and sympathise with my situation as a gay man."

"Many thanks for all you have done. We are very happy with the speed in completing our business."