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Wealth Management

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Investment for individuals, trusts and business

We believe that the only way to formulate the right strategy for our clients is to take a totally holistic approach. Depending on our client’s own unique attitude to investment risk, we craft an asset allocation model over their entire portfolio.

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A complete investment solution should encompass many products which are all interlinked. We are resolute in our approach and seek to utilise every conceivable tax break, favourable legislation, special deal, provider extra allocation and government incentive in order to maximise profit for all our clients.

Life Assurance and Protection Advice

The myriad of protection products available on the UK market can be daunting to say the least. You may just require a simple Mortgage Protection Plan to repay your mortgage on death, or you may require your income protected in case you were unable to work through sickness or accident.

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Even though protection products can appear simple on the surface, setting up a plan correctly is extremely important. Rather than search the entire market for the ‘cheapest’ premium available, we will take all factors into consideration and ensure that your policy has the best terms available for your own circumstances and is set up in absolutely the right way.

When we undertake a protection review it is astonishing to us that many existing contracts are not set up under the appropriate trust. As part of the overall financial planning process we can advise clients on aspects of trust planning and can place most existing cover into the correct trust without having to take out a new policy.

We offer the following types of protection: General Insurance, Life Assurance, Critical Illness, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection, Key Person Cover, Share Protection, Inheritance Tax protection


We are passionate about understanding how our clients see their own retirement to enable us to have a better understanding of what our clients want to achieve.

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We believe it is an important step in the planning process to visualise your own retirement. Since April 2006 pension legislation has seen some radical changes, the bulk of which, we believe are extremely positive and, give people a real incentive to save for their futures.

Pensions today, are low charge, flexible and offer superb fund management. As part of our planning process we would seek to use all the available tax relief we can when formulating our clients’ retirement plans. This, coupled with the option of self-investing and independent fund selection, puts our clients on the right road to achieving their own goals.

When people think of pensions they tend to think of Final Salary Schemes, Private Pension arrangements and State Pensions, however, income in retirement can take many different forms.

Your income could also include rental payments, dividends from shares, Unit Trusts or ISA’s, deposits, income from Insurance Bonds or even Trusts. As part of the financial planning process it is our job to blend income steams to minimise tax and maximise return.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of readily available and easily understandable information, many people make ill informed decisions and later regret not seeking advice.

Taxation Advice

Tax efficiency is inherent in all our processes. Our goal is to ensure that you make full use of all available allowances and reliefs where possible. As part of the financial planning process we ensure that where possible:

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Partners apportion assets between each other in the most efficient way;

You make use of all your ISA allowances each year;

We fully utilise your Capital Gains Tax Allowance;

We select the most efficient tax wrappers for your goal and tax status;

We advise you on the most efficient way to sell personal or business assets;

We help you minimise the effect of Inheritance Tax on your estate

Trust Planning

Since the turn of the millennium, house prices have seen dramatic increases way above the rate of inflation. With this increase in wealth, even relatively modest estates are now facing a tax bill of 40%. Inheritance tax is now a major issue for most families.

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In March 2006, more anti-avoidance legislation was introduced and we saw a major change in the taxation of most types of trust.

We firmly believe that with careful planning any potential tax liability can be significantly reduced or even negated altogether. We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of estate planning, which ranges from a simple nil rate band discretionary will trust, to more aggressive trusts and all the main inheritance tax mitigation schemes.

Wealth Management

When leading a busy life, keeping up to date with all of your financial, legal and property arrangements is often challenging. A solution to this is to work with a forward thinking organisation who are specialised in developing a bespoke solution to your financial situation, regardless of your position.

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Hatten Wyatt Wealth Management provides independent financial advice to individuals, trustees and business owners to help them build, manage and protect their wealth.

We believe that our client’s deserve the highest quality of investment management, but with a personal and flexible service that recognises the importance of their individual circumstances. Our client’s requirements are diverse and we create a blend of solutions perfectly tailored to their unique needs and build effective, long term relationships.


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